Hike and collect digital park friends

Meet up with friends and family in real-world hiking locations. Thousands of digital friends are hidden at popular hiking locations in the real-world waiting to be found.

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Join treasure hunts to find Park Friends on your local trails.

We have a team of hikers secretly placing Park Friend collectibles across hundreds of park trails. Suggest a location below and when we launch, we'll notify you if there are Park Friends in your area.

NEW Add a location near you. We'll add Park Friends and notify you!

An app and multiple ways to navigate and collect Park Friends

Using Geolocation, AR, and your camera an app helps you find Park Friends and claim them. Additionally, we will host events where the tap of your phone will put Park Friends in your hands.

Every Park Friend is a unique digital character including rangers, hikers, animals, plants, and landmarks.

How it works

Why collect Park Friends?

Physical & Mental Health

Sometimes we all need a little nudge to get on the trail. Park Friends brings a sense of joy, achievement and fun for those times we struggle with motivation.

Outdoor Community

Collecting a unique digital asset creates friendship bonds. When you meet hikers who also collect Park Friends, eyes light up and stories begin.

Collectible Trading

If you love trading Pokemon, sports cards, or digital NFTs - our collection supports rarity trading. Each Park Friend can be traded as an NFT, and physical collector cards can be purchased.

Discounts on gear

We work with niche outdoor, lifestyle, and technology partners to offer discounts to those that find and hold Park Friends.

Park Friends holders can access monthly discounts from leading outdoor lifestyle and technology brands with more brands onboarding

So easy anyone can collect

Works on any mobile

Join hikes in the real world with no app download required to find Park Friends on and near trails.

Special collectibles

Members of National Parks Community have access to our rarest collectibles and additional perks.